Bison On The Vineyard Top

The BOV 2014 Team

Bison on the Vineyard Chairs

  • Sheryl Wesley
    (Class of '96)
    Bison on the Vineyard 2014 Chair Leads everything with passion and purpose. Collector of life experiences. Loves to travel and shop. Thinks she may spend too much time on social media. A born and raised New Yorker. Resident consultant at Egami Group, a boutique multi-cultural Marketing Firm.
  • Chris Washington
    (Class of '92)
    HUAA President Event Chair,
    President’s Welcome Reception;
    MVAAFF; Bison Sports Day;
    Talk with the Trustees;
    & Dinner with the Deans
    The Legendary Chris Washington, PRESIDENT Howard University Alumni Association. What more needs to be said?
  • Kristen Clark
    (Class of '91)
    Region I Chairperson Event Chair, Blue & White Brunch
  • Dawn Cooper
    HUAA VP of Finance BOV Treasurer
  • Xavier Donaldson
    (JD '90)
    Event Chair, Golf Challenge
  • Shellece Earles HUAC NJ President Volunteer Chair
  • Cheryl Gentry Event Chair, Blue Carpet Affair
  • Adam Guichard
    (Class of '00)
    Event Chair, Art Exhibition
  • Erin Horne McKinney
    (Class of '98, MA '13)
    Region II Representative Event Chair, Family Day
  • Anthony Santagati
    (Class of '99, JD '05)
    HUAA Executive Committee Member-at-Large Marketing Chair
  • Kesi Stribling
    (Class of '96)
    Career P.O.P Chair
  • Mitzi Ambrose Washington
    (Class of '93)
    Region I Representative Hospitality Chair
  • Amy Williams
    (Class of '04)
    Community Partners Chair
  • Ghana Wilson
    (Class of '85)
    Event Chair, Chicken & Waffles Party

Bison on the Vineyard Hosts

  • Akil Kamau
    (Class of '91)
    HUAA VP of Administration Host: Private INVITE ONLY Cocktail Hour (tentative)
  • Ludwig Gaines Host: The Blue Carpet Affair
  • Matt Middleton
    (Class of '91, JD '94)
    Host: The Blue Carpet Affair
  • Kamal Harris
    (Class of '92)
    Host: The Blue Carpet Affair

Department of Alumni Relations

  • Christie Askew Director of Alumni Relations HUAA Executive Secretary
  • El Hadji D. Diagne Assistant Director of
    Alumni Relations
  • John Trotman Program Associate
  • Emerald Dupree Administrative Assistant

Special Thanks

Hazel Robinson, HUAA Recording Secretary; Vela McClam Mitchell, CEO of Georgia International Travel/American Express